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An island girl at heart, Laurel’s upbringing in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, was the perfect inspiration for her design passion. With a wealth of sights, sounds and textures to incite the senses, Laurel first tested her skills in creating inspired interiors with her first fixer-upper home purchase in 2003. But she began getting everything she needed long before that, surrounded by a family of construction professionals, carpenters and seamstresses. Since then, her goal is always to immerse her clients in a total experience by designing up, down and all around. She believes that a person’s ability to function in the world starts at home. So, she designs all spaces to be inspired and functional everyday getaways. For her, the best results for her clients are always twofold. The first is on reveal day, when the client is so overwhelmed with the joy and beauty of the space they find it hard to blink. The second is after the client has lived in the space for a while and continues to realize the details that went into the space.

Her experience in Hospitality Management introduced her to a world of conferences, catering and events. Assisting in planning events held at the hotel where she worked and seeing the look of excitement on the faces of the clients, gave Laurel the motivation she needed to begin designing events of her own. A natural at service, coupled with her creative eye, she is able to connect with her clients and bring their vision from out of their minds into reality.

Laurel is as excited on the day of reveal just as much as her client and experience the design from the lens of her clients. This innate ability to connect with others, makes her clients feel like family and friends and is the reason why they continue to call on her for all their events and interior design needs.

Laurel managed and designed special events and interiors for the past 10 years. She is skilled in staging, design, planning, and coordination. She has worked in various private and corporate venues and has experience planning large scale fundraising events, conferences, and special meetings. She has also design Residential and corporate interiors for clients in California, Georgia and Virgin Islands, and have created set designs for plays in Atlanta Georgia.

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